We’re happy to show you today this new Maloeva bass 4 strings !

The top is in bubinga wood & the fingerboard in black ebony!

Fitted with 2 Xtender Delano pickups & Glockenklang electronic 3 band.

Special order from France 🙂


We’re happy to show you this Sirya Bass Standard 4 strings 32″ scale lenght!

With maple top & maccassar ebony fingerboard.

Left to USA  🙂


We’re happy to show you today this new Stega bass Fretless Deluxe 5 strings !

Top is made with curly walnut and the body is crossed by black ebony fingerboard !

Video & more information ?! Click here !!


We’re happy today to show this Sirya Deluxe bass 4 strings with Macassar Ebony top !

More information about the Sirya Deluxe bass ?…Click here 


What could be nicer than being able to imagine, choose …. what kind of wood variety to put on your new bass !!?…
So… we are happy to invite you to visit our website section « Choose your top » !
You will discover our choice of wood and availability, [...]...


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